Social Media Marketing

While it is no surprise that social media marketing is essential for today’s businesses, there is still a lot of discussion about what social media marketing involves and how it should best be deployed.  The problem has been that companies who offer social media marketing have divided themselves into two categories- search engine optimization companies that use social media to boost page rank, and traditional marketing companies that see social media as simply another outlet for press releases.

The truth about social media marketing is that it can be so much more powerful than these two simplistic approaches suggest.The most important concept in social media marketing that many companies are missing out on is the fact that your social media presence gives you a direct, instant way to communicate with your customers.

Research shows that most social media users check their accounts several times a day.  This means that when your customers are talking about your business, you can see what they are saying.  Whether they had a great experience with you, found a new product they love, or even if they are unhappy with your business, they can (and will!) post about it.  You can respond with a big “thank you!”, add more product info, or offer your customer a “do-over” for their bad visit.

The most often used platforms are Facebook and Twitter, but there are others that are specific to an industry or even a certain geographic location.  When you post information, sales, or news on your social media sites, your customers will see it almost as soon as you send it- a promise that no other type of marketing can provide.

While old marketing tools such as television or radio spots and newspaper ads could be over with as soon as they were posted, your social media marketing efforts can be updated as often as you wish, and it only takes a few minutes of work.

Social Media Marketing also allows you to find out more about your customers, such as area, age group, common interests, gender, or many other pieces of information that can guide the successful development of future marketing and promotion idea.

While social media marketing has more potential than any other type of marketing, business owners will need to know what it takes to make their efforts successful.  Let a social media marketing firm like UPOD Media help you find out how social media can help take your business to a new level.